The daily mirror has apparently reported that the slitheen will be returning to The Sarah Jane Adventures series three when it returns in Autumn. The Slitheen have previously appeared in the Series 1 episodes: Revenge of the Slitheen and The lost Boy and the Comic relief 2009 episode entitled: From Raxacorricoffalapatorius with love.

It would seem that for The Sarah Jane Adventures series three we have a lot of returning villains those that have been confirmed are: The Trickster and the Judoon ( I know the judoon are not strictly Sarah Jane but they are already well known from the series three doctor who episode Smith and Jones). However with such new characters like the Reptilian Veil, The mysterious painting ( which is rumoured to be the Mona Lisa) , The continuously growing weed , the child who can make children play against their will and the appearance from the Doctor ( David Tennant) SJA Series three looks set to be an amazing series.