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SJA Loses Out On BAFTA

Yes, unfortunately and not for the first time The Sarah Jane Adventures has lost out on a Bafta and surprisingly enough not against its closest rival Dustbin Baby but in fact from a Welsh production called Wil's Christmas List. Maybe next year will be SJA's year

Do you Think SJA deserves a BAFTA.

New SJA Monster Maker

The Official Sarah Jane Adventures Website has been uploaded with a brand new SJA Monster Maker. These Monsters are not Monsters from the Official Series but Brand New Never before seen Monsters! They have also uploaded The Gift Images but most of these can be seen below in one of my previous posts below.

The Beginning of the End...

It is coming in 20 minutes, the first part of The Sarah Jane Adventures finale The Gift will air today on BBC One and HD at 4:35 pm. Tomorrow, The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Gift Part 2 will air and then we have to say goodbye to The SJA for another year. On a slightly happier note an SJA series four is looking fairly promising, but lets not get ahead of ourselves we have one final amazing adventure to Come. Enjoy it because you never know it may be our last. And as Sarah Jane Smith said in Doctor Who

"Everything has its time and Everything Ends"

Do you think it is The Sarah Jane Adventures time to end?

The Gift Images Released!!!

Den Of Geek, an amazing Sci-Fi site has images from The Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three Finale: The Gift. These Images Feature Blarthereen, Slitheen, K9 and the Team. Some of the images can be seen below and some more are available at the Den Of Geek website.

New Mona Lisa's Revenge Pictures Released!

The Official SJA website has been uploaded with pictures from the forthcoming Adventure Mona Lisa's revenge. Part one and two of Mona Lisa's Revenge will air this Thursday and Friday on BBC One and BBC HD at 4:35. Some of These Pictures Can be seen below more at the official SJA Site!

SJA Series 2 DVD Released!

Today the Ninth of November is the day when (Finally) The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 sees release to DVD. The DVD Box Set consists of Three discs.

Disc One Contains: The Last Sontaran and The Day Of The Clown.

Disc Two Contains: Secrets of The Stars and Mark of The Berserker

Disc Three Contains: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith and Enemy Of The Bane

It also features an array of Special Features and The 2009 Comic Relief SJA Special: From Raxacorricofallapatorius with Love. The DVD is on sale now at an RRP of £24.99, however Amazon has it for a very reasonable £12.98. The Cover can be seen above.