Sarah Jane Adventures Series 2 Reruns

CBBC, The channel who broadcasts The Sarah Jane Adventures, will be showing Reruns of The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2 Every weekday at 11:00 a.m. The Sarah Jane Adventures series 2 stories are: 

1. The Last Sontaran 
2. Day of the Clown
3. Secrets of the Stars
4. Mark of the Berserker
5. The Temptation of Sarah Jane
6. Enemy of the Bane

The Re runs will start on Friday 1st August at 11:00a.m. beginning with: The Last Sontaran Part 1 and resume on Monday 

Slitheen Cousins Come to SJA

It was reported this week in the latest issue of SFX Magazine that the Slitheen would not be appearing in SJA Series three. Instead I'm happy to report that we are getting their cousins, the Blathereen instead, which I think is a much better idea as we get the history that we have with the slitheen on SJA but slightly different which shakes it up nicely. In other news The Reptilian Veil character, which was reported to be a new character to the world of doctor who in the Sarah Jane Adventures Series three press release, will be called Androvax.

Sarah Jane Adventures Series Three Possible Villain Title

After much digging on wikipedia, The world's largest online encyclopedia. I finally stumbled this upon which gave me a list of The Sarah Jane Adventures series three rumours. One which I found particularly interesting is the name of a rumored villain. The name is (highlight to reveal) Erasmus Darkening In Other News with The Sarah Jane Adventures series three only about 7 weeks away I think it is likely we will hear information on a series 2 box set (which was recently confirmed to be released) Any news on this will be published on SJA News as soon as it is available.

That's a Rap

The Sarah Jane Adventures series three ( sadly ) concluded filming today, hopefully not for the last time. Even if, god forbid, SJA did get cancelled due to budget cuts ( which isn't looking very likely ) We must count ourselves lucky that we got a series three at all as SJA was nearly cancelled several times because of budget cuts. With series three filming completed we look ahead now to what is coming over the next few months like the SJA Quiz Book and Novelisation, the Series 2 DVD Box Set, The upcoming audiobooks and of course Series Three of the best Drama on CBBC and anywhere The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Sarah Jane Adventures series three Title Revealed!!

If you were to look on The Company who publishes The Sarah Jane Adventures novelisations They have named the novelisation due out november fifth as: The wedding of Sarah Jane Smith!!!!!

Slitheen to Appear in Series Three of SJA?

The daily mirror has apparently reported that the slitheen will be returning to The Sarah Jane Adventures series three when it returns in Autumn. The Slitheen have previously appeared in the Series 1 episodes: Revenge of the Slitheen and The lost Boy and the Comic relief 2009 episode entitled: From Raxacorricoffalapatorius with love.

It would seem that for The Sarah Jane Adventures series three we have a lot of returning villains those that have been confirmed are: The Trickster and the Judoon ( I know the judoon are not strictly Sarah Jane but they are already well known from the series three doctor who episode Smith and Jones). However with such new characters like the Reptilian Veil, The mysterious painting ( which is rumoured to be the Mona Lisa) , The continuously growing weed , the child who can make children play against their will and the appearance from the Doctor ( David Tennant) SJA Series three looks set to be an amazing series.

Tommy Knight Portal Nomination

Nominations for The Portal Awards have recently been announced and our very own Thomas Knight has been nominated. Other nominees are David Tennant and Catherine Tate. You can vote for Tommy, David and Catherine here.

Audiobooks Delay!!!

As I said in a previous post Two new Sarah Jane Adventures Audiobooks entitled: The White wolf and The Shadow People were scheduled for release in September, It now says on Amazon that these Audiobooks will not be released until the 8th of October 2009! Whether or not this is a mistake ( Although personally I think not) I'm not sure if this changes you will here about it.

The Future of Sarah Jane Smith

In a recent interview with Russell T. Davies. Russell was promoting Torchwood Children of Earth which begins next monday at 9p.m. He also added that he was staying on with the Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood. Russell went on to say, and you may want to sit down for this bit, we started working on the Sarah Jane Adventures series Four Yesterday!!! He goes on to say that series four is not definite but is looking very promising as The Sarah Jane Adventures is the highest rated programme on CBBC. The Children's Department in CBBC really likes the show!

So now with Series four looking fairly definite, Does anybody else need to be picked up off the floor in hysterics!!!