Elisabeth Sladen's Husband to Appear in Sarah Jane Adventures

It has recently been reported that Brian Miller, Elisabeth Sladen's long time husband will be making an appearance in the Sarah Jane Adventures series three when it airs in Autumn 2009!

Also Paul Kasey will be returning to voice the Judoon in SJA Series Three.

Maria Jackson To Return?

Rumors have recently appeared online that Yasmin Paige who plays Maria Jackson will reprise her role as Maria Jackson in the Sarah Jane Adventures series three. 

This would make sense if you consider the fact that K-9 will be returning and that after Yasmin's character Maria moved to Washington in the first episode of series two she was brought back in a cameo appearance in Mark of The Berserker 

Great News if It's true!!

My Third Follower!!!

Now I know this may be a small achievement to some people but today I stumbled across this PRIMEVAL fan site and thought it was really cool so I started following it. I left the address of this blog in a comment and when I came back here I had another follower! So whoever you are who is after following SJA News THANK YOU!!!!!!!!  

New Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 Episode Guide!!

Today I (with the help of some friends) set up a series 1 episode guide for the Sarah Jane Adventures. The Series 1 episodes are:

1. Invasion of the Bane
2. Revenge of the Slitheen
3. Eye of the Gorgon
4. Warriors of Kudlak
5. Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
6. The Lost Boy

All These Adventures are included in The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 1 DVD (Pictured Above)
As well as a synopsis for each Adventure, There is also a list of cast members and the actress or actor who portrays them. I also gave each Adventure a mark out of Ten,


Merchandise Section now Open!!

If You look to the right on this blog you will now see a link that will take you to a page I have created that has all Sarah Jane Adventures Merchandise on it.

I will naturally update if and when any more SJA Merchandise is released such as the Novelisations, Quiz books and Audiobooks Later this year.

But in the meantime Enjoy it!!

Sarah Jane Smith one of the women who shook Sci-Fi

Recently posted on Total Sci-Fi online is a list of women who shook Sci-Fi number 16 on the list is our very own Elisabeth Sladen!

Also on the list at number 7 is doctor who's very own Rose Tyler!

Series three Filming Pictures

Sarah Jane Adventures series three filming recently began and some pictures have surfaced online!